1. Area Hospitality Venues Prepare for the Arrival of MGM

    Area Hospitality Venues Prepare for the Arrival of MGM

    As the most significant development in Springfield’s recent history, the MGM casino set to open in 2018 is sure to be a tantalizing attraction for meeting and convention planners. That poses a new competitive threat for the region’s many established hospitality facilities, but some of the larger players don’t see it that way. Instead, they believe the additional traffic MGM brings to Springfield will raise all boats, bringing opportunity to venues that are prepared to leverage it by doubling down on what makes them unique.

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    1. I've often joked that if 5% of those guests get lost coming out of the parking garage, that's 40,000 people that could end up in our parking lot instead.
    2. This market has unique offerings for convention-goers and local residents alike, and the MassMutual Center should continue to be an integral part of what attracts visitors to downtown.
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