1. Commercial Construction Companies Forecast a Very Good Year

    Commercial Construction Companies Forecast a Very Good Year

    The construction sector has always been a good barometer when it comes to the economy and what may happen with it in the foreseeable future. And this historical trend is one of many reasons why cautious optimism abounds in the region. Indeed, many firms report that they have a number of projects on the books for the year ahead and beyond, and that these projects involve a number of economic sectors.

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    1. There have been times when all of our projects were completed by the end of the fall or winter and we had nothing scheduled for the upcoming year.
    2. Things are booming in the Boston area inside of Route 128. It's obvious to drivers because there are so many cranes up.
    3. We've been working vigorously to wrap up the project and are very close to being done.
    4. The new building will be LEED-certified.
    5. It will be used for basketball, lacrosse, and other sports.
    6. We're optimistic as we look ahead at the coming year.
    7. We're usually the first on a site and the last to leave it. But it is a challenge to predict a year ahead of time exactly when we will be needed.
    8. We dig the foundations and put in sewer, water, and drainage systems, which is work that people don't see.
    9. UMass presented real challenges because we had to work around the student traffic.
    10. It involves a lot of digging inside the foundation to support the renovation.
    11. It was our job to put in the water, sewer and drainage lines, as well as the sidewalks, curbs, and two parking lots, in addition to reconstructing several streets.
    12. It is the first major piece of the city's long-term downtown redevelopment plan that will be completed.
    13. It is our third major project in this library, which they are redoing floor by floor.
    14. We're just wrapping up a renovation and addition to Lia Chrysler on King Street in Northampton.
    15. We have a number of projects already under contract for 2017.
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