1. Training, networking among challenges facing WMass manufacturers

    Training, networking among challenges facing WMass manufacturers

    Rick Sullivan, president and CEO of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council, said manufacturing is particularly important to Western Massachusetts, where a study a couple of years ago found there are an estimated 18,000 open manufacturing jobs in the corridor from Springfield to Hartford, Connecticut. A manufacturing job that pays a wage of around $75,000 could move someone into the middle class in Western Massachusetts.

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    1. It is a powerful sector of the economy, but manufacturing is changing with the evolving economy, which presents new challenges.
    2. It's critical the commonwealth view Western Massachusetts as an asset, not a liability, to succeed in expanding the commonwealth.
    3. Extending the circle of prosperity from Boston to Springfield to the Berkshires has been a priority of the House for years.
    4. Manufacturing is a key part of the Western Massachusetts economy.
    5. It's mostly medium to small manufacturers.
    6. Community colleges are underfunded for that type of education.
    7. I think that's one of the most important parts of the social program that you can have, is to provide a person an opportunity for a job.
    8. Particularly when you're looking at the manufacturing initiatives, they are probably even more important in Western Mass. than they are here in Boston.
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