1. STCC to Offer ‘Green’ Major

    STCC to Offer ‘Green’ Major

    Melanie Gagnon, a working student who is in real estate sales, sees a new program at Springfield Technical Community College as a terrific opportunity to take her career to a higher level. “I personally don’t want to devote my life 100% to just selling houses,” said Gagnon, 36, of Springfield. “I don’t want to be residential. I want to be a part of bigger things, and this helps.”  What types of bigger things? That could mean possibly working as a community or regional planner, or taking a job that requires emergency planning such as when a city is ...

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    1. I personally don't want to devote my life 100% to just selling houses.
    2. The fact is with so much of what we do today we need to look through that lens of sustainability.
    3. These students can have a master's degree in regional planning in five years. That's amazing.
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