1. Employee Satisfaction, Innovation Key to OMG’s Success

    Employee Satisfaction, Innovation Key to OMG’s Success

    Hubert McGovern says people might wonder why a company would choose to manufacture screws in Agawam when they could be made far more inexpensively overseas.  “Twenty years ago, someone asked our board of directors why we hadn’t moved to China,” McGovern, president of OMG Roofing Products, told BusinessWest. “Many manufacturers have moved jobs overseas, and it’s no different in the screw business. But that’s not our story.”

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    1. Twenty years ago, someone asked our board of directors why we hadn't moved to China.
    2. We've had a more than 10% annual compound growth rate since 1995.
    3. People are the most important part of our company; we want our employees to be successful.
    4. We go above and beyond to give people experiences they wouldn't normally get.
    5. We encourage people to push themselves, learn new skills, and take their own personal development to the next level by building on their strengths.
    6. We're always looking for ways to help people achieve their personal goals.
    7. We took induction technology and turned it into a tool to install commercial roofs.
    8. We developed a screw called Trap-Ease with an integrated bit system that sets the screw depth and allows each screw to be covered with a plug stamped out of the exact material as the decking or trim.
    9. The philosophy behind lean manufacturing has to be driven over several years to see results; it's a journey that never ends.
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