1. Recreational Offerings Spur Progress in Southwick

    Recreational Offerings Spur Progress in Southwick

    Freda Brown inherited 120 acres of forestland in Southwick that her parents had purchased generations before.  “It’s a beautiful area that borders my backyard, and I wanted to preserve the open space and find something to do with it that was sustainable and that my children could inherit,” she told BusinessWest. “The last thing I wanted was to see it turned into a development.” She came up with a viable option several years ago when she met Christopher Barden and Drew Gardner at an event in Southwick and they suggested turning it into a disc golf course, which, as ...

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    1. It's something affordable that the whole family can enjoy together.
    2. Having the nationals here again is a huge economic benefit not only for Southwick, but for the region.
    3. The race attracts a wide range of fans and different categories of racers from all over the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Japan.
    4. We've been approached by different organizations that want to rent our athletic fields, and we plan to begin letting outside groups use the facilities, which will help pay for the operating costs, expose people to our community, and add to our entertainment value.
    5. The townspeople voted to continue the CPA program, which allows us to continue investing in recreational and open-space pursuits.
    6. They moved from the center of town and worked with the Mobil station next door to connect their driveways.
    7. Businesses have a strong desire to move here; we're a growing community and get a lot of traffic from Northern Connecticut and the hilltowns via Route 57, as well as from Westfield.
    8. Our excellent school system is one of the reasons people want to live in Southwick.
    9. The town has positioned itself to keep pace with the modern-day educational needs of youth in Southwick, Granville, and Tolland, which are part of the school district.
    10. We've hired a consultant to find additional opportunities for net-metering credits.
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