1. Accelerator Helps Job Shops Find New Ways to Thrive

    Accelerator Helps Job Shops Find New Ways to Thrive

    alley Venture Mentors has made a name for itself providing invaluable mentoring and technical assistance to mostly young, startup ventures. But this fall, it has taken its ‘tough-love’ approach to helping business owners become more competitive and efficient to some businesses that are anything but young. Indeed, several of the participants in VVM’s Manufacturing Accelerator are decades old. But they are learning new ways to communicate with and better serve customers — and gain new ones.

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    1. Communication is key, and it helped us bridge some gaps.
    2. It's an experiment because we're not working with startups; some of these companies have been in business for three generations and have dozens of employees.
    3. But the program directs you back to the market and shows you where you can add value so you can be profitable.
    4. Our goal is to help them find new customers and ways of doing business.
    5. But they have learned, if they want to get a customer 10 times larger than any they currently have, they need to develop a good sales pitch.
    6. VVM wants us to specialize; it's a way to survive and thrive in a market full of mediocre offerings.
    7. The group members have come to know each other and want to help each other.
    8. It's almost human nature to fall back into old habits, but we believe our students can be successful, and we truly want that to happen.
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