1. Why Solar Arrays Are the Hot Trend in Energy Production

    Why Solar Arrays Are the Hot Trend in Energy Production

    Solar power is enjoying a heyday in Massachusetts right now, as home and business owners, buoyed by state incentives, seek greener energy options, and — most visibly — as cities and towns scramble to strike deals with energy companies on large-scale photovoltaic arrays, usually on otherwise undevelopable parcels, such as landfills. The projects don’t create many jobs, but they do bring tax benefits for communities, profits for the developers, and satisfaction for anyone who values a move away from fossil fuels.

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    1. This property was a construction yard for many years, taking on construction materials from roads that were ripped up.
    2. Once they cleaned up the environmental issues, they were able to put this undevelopable property back on the tax rolls, creating green energy for everyone to use.
    3. We had to find a way to offset the cost of decommissioning the coal plant, and then find a way to make a solar project economically viable.
    4. The city still taxes the dirt the same, but with the solar panels on the project, instead of taxing it as personal property, there's an agreement to fix the price.
    5. Not only is it a great source of green power, which communities are attracted to, but for us, it was great from a real-estate-tax point of view.
    6. The theory is that the cost of installation goes down the more people sign up — essentially the Agway model.
    7. Before this year, we had six megawatts of solar over three major projects.
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