1. The Importance of Being Entrepreneurial - Innovation in Nonprofits- Webinar

    The Importance of Being Entrepreneurial - Innovation in Nonprofits- Webinar

    Co-sponsored by Bay Path University and The Alliance for Non-profit Growth and Opportunity

    DECEMBER 14, 2016   |   12 P.M. — 1 P.M.

    Women who think like entrepreneurs will be more successful in leading tomorrow’s non-profits. Many non-profits are launching entrepreneurial ventures in order to increase earned revenue, rather than relying only on philanthropic gifts. These leaders find ways to look and act like a for-profit entity, by using entrepreneurial techniques to generate mission-driven revenue that inspires community and individual action, engagement and financial support. This webinar will bring together innovative women who understand how non-profit leaders need to think and act differently. They will share what works and what is not a fit for non-profits to explore.

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    Stephen Brand

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