1. To bodly go: Hazen Paper Co. wins award for Star Trek packaging

    To bodly go: Hazen Paper Co. wins award for Star Trek packaging

    Not quite a commendation from Starfleet command, but Hazen Paper Co. has earned praise from the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators for its work on the packaging for for "Star Trek: The Original Series, The Complete Series Remastered." The display case for for the DVD release of the classic sci-fi TV series won the association's marketing award in the nonfood packaging category. Hazen, founded in 1925 and still family owned, is famous for its holographic papers, which display 3-D images when held up to the light. The company also makes covers for each year's Super Bowl ...

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    1. It's a great example of our white-motion holography, which supplies excellent opportunities for designers to convey motion and depth without a typical rainbow effect.
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