1. New 'video map' showcases Springfield's cultural attractions

    New 'video map' showcases Springfield's cultural attractions

    The Springfield Central Cultural District, a membership group that includes dozens of institutions in downtown Springfield, has embarked on a series of projects to revitalize the city center and attract visitors. A recent public art project commissioned artists to paint murals on utility boxes across downtown. The videos feature the Basketball Hall of Fame, CityStage, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, UMass Springfield, New England Public Radio, WGBY, Sterns Square, the Springfield Armory National Historic Site and Museum, the Springfield Museums, Springfield Central Library, the Community Music School, MassMutual Center and Court Square.

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    1. Sometimes even residents are unaware of the beautiful assets we have throughout the Cultural District, and these videos are a living, breathing way for everyone to connect with the people at our historic and cultural landmarks, not just the buildings.
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