1. O’Reilly, Talbot & Okun Associates Finds Cost Efficient Environmental Solutions

    O’Reilly, Talbot & Okun Associates Finds Cost Efficient Environmental Solutions

    The firm known colloquially as OTO has been involved in most of the major building projects that have taken place across the region in the past few decades — everything from the major addition at Baystate Medical Center to construction of a subway-car manufacturing plant in Springfield’s east end. But much of the company’s work goes unnoticed, because it takes place before the heavy machinery arrives. To say their work is important, though, would be to only, well, scratch the surface.

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    1. Our work often takes place before the heavy equipment shows up.
    2. We're not really consultants, we're problem solvers.
    3. Clients like our approach to solving problems.
    4. It was a good fit because there was a lot of synergy. We had worked on projects together.
    5. Most companies don't have the skills needed to deal with environmental, soil, and building issues so people come to us because we do it all.
    6. Today every site has challenges and every project requires all of our skills.
    7. We identified long-term safety related issues with regards to a potential renovation because it was not known at the time if the building would be reused.
    8. We also provided litigation and oversight assistance when the former Union Station in Springfield was taken by eminent domain.
    9. It's a very dynamic field so we keep on top of all of the regulatory issues.
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