1. Community Foundation Awards Two Tighe & Bond Scholarships

    Community Foundation Awards Two Tighe & Bond Scholarships

    The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts recently announced the recipients of two Tighe & Bond college scholarship awards. These scholarships honor several of Tighe & Bond’s former leaders and provide support for local college students pursuing engineering degrees. Founded in 1991, the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts administers more than 550 charitable funds, which have been created either by or for the benefit of Pioneer Valley residents. Tighe & Bond established its first memorial scholarship fund in 1996 to honor past President George McDonnell, and in 1999 set up another scholarship to honor past President Edward Bayon. In 2006, the firm established ...

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    1. Tighe & Bond established these annual scholarships to honor the careers and contributions of three former company leaders who were instrumental in setting the long-term direction and success of the company Our goal is to help fund higher education for talented young students who are pursuing engineering careers.
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