1. WGBY/57 general manager Rus Peotter retiring at year's end

    WGBY/57 general manager Rus Peotter retiring at year's end

    Rus Peotter will end his 15-year run as general manager of public television's WGBY-TV, Channel 57, at the end of next month. As WGBY's general manager, Peotter, 62, has overseen the creation of locally produced programs, including the PBS station's flagship series "Connecting Point" and the bilingual Latino series "Presencia."  He also launched the production of "Making It Here," "As Schools Match Wits," "Together in Song" and the annual Holyoke St. Patrick's Parade, as well as the Latino Youth Media Institute and the Telling Our Legacies Digitally workshop.

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    1. Rus has brought passion and dedication to his role, advancing WGBY's service to audiences and communities across western New England.
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