1. TechSpring Succeeds in Connecting Technology with Healthcare

    TechSpring Succeeds in Connecting Technology with Healthcare

    When TechSpring opened two years ago in downtown Springfield, its leaders knew they were flying blind, at least at first. That’s how uncharted this territory was. But the concept — connecting technology companies, large and small, with the region’s largest health system to solve pressing problems — proved a compelling one, and today, TechSpring has numerous success stories to tell. It’s a conversation, they say, that needs to continue.  Eric Harry says genomics is one of those “sexy” areas of healthcare, and scientists are certainly engaged in exciting work to learn how genes influence disease.

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    1. We work closely with Baystate Health to identify problem areas, or where they are investing in problems that need to be fixed.
    2. Oftentimes, documentation gets in the way of direct patient care.
    3. They're developing a true solution, solving a real problem, and if they can do that here, they can do it anywhere.
    4. They earned a commercial customer relationship with Baystate and had broad market success from there.
    5. When you finish working with TechSpring.
    6. We have a nice pipeline with Imprivata; they're already popular and well-received in the hospital, and we get to work on what's next for them.
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