1. MSBDC’s Samalid Hogan Wants to Cement Relationships

    MSBDC’s Samalid Hogan Wants to Cement Relationships

    Samalid Hogan takes the reins at the Mass. Small Business Development Center at a time when entrepreneurial energy is high in the region, fueled by the growth of programs aiming to help fledgling ventures succeed. It’s an energy that excites and inspires her in this latest challenge in an intriguing, wide-ranging career. Whenever someone suggests that Samalid Hogan has big shoes to fill — and that’s a common occurrence, to say the least — she’s ready with a witty response.

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    1. I remind them I have size-11 feet … they're my father's feet.
    2. In many ways, I'm just doing what I've always done throughout my career.
    3. She was an investor in small business, and she owned a very successful marketing business.
    4. I've been working with small businesses for a long time in economic development.
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