1. Conference Gives Young Entrepreneurs Resources, Inspiration

    Conference Gives Young Entrepreneurs Resources, Inspiration

    As the founder of FEAT Socks, Parker Burr sells hundreds of thousands of socks worldwide, and expects to top $2 million in sales next year. But one of his fondest memories is selling his cozy footwear, one pair at a time, from behind a table at an Amherst bus stop.  “The key is to go out and sell something,” he told an audience of young entrepreneurs this month at the 12th annual Grinspoon, Garvey & Young Entrepreneurship Conference. “Everyone wants to know how to get from zero to a hundred million dollars. But don’t be afraid of humble beginnings, because ...

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    1. We're always so impressed with the diversity and sheer number of students who come to downtown Springfield to attend this conference.
    2. They were able to learn strategies for doing good pitches and other kinds of things about entrepreneurship.
    3. We do a lot of these kinds of things on campus.
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