1. Longmeadow elder care service holds ribbon cutting for new facility

    Longmeadow elder care service holds ribbon cutting for new facility

    About 200 people gathered at JGS Lifecare on Thursday morning for a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Sosin Center for Rehabilitation. Along with members of JGS Lifecare's staff and board members, politicians such as Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and Congressman Richard Neal spoke during the ceremony, which celebrated work on the Sosin Center and Michael's Cafe. In speeches, they praised JGS for its work opening the new facility. "You've taken a giant step here today," Neal said, addressing the audience under a tarp set up by the new center's entrance. "For the moment, we can all ...

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    1. You've taken a giant step here today.
    2. The center carries the name of George Sosin, a JGS volunteer, family member, former resident and supporter who left $3 million dollars to JGS Lifecare in support of the center, the largest contribution received in our 104-year history.
    3. Rather than feeling institutionalized, they feel like they're home.
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