1. Country Bank Expands Its Presence in More Ways Than One - BusinessWest

    Country Bank Expands Its Presence in More Ways Than One - BusinessWest

    Country Bank’s sheer scope in Eastern and Central Mass. — it now boasts 15 branches, almost $1.4 billion in assets, and a loan portfolio approaching $1 billion — positions it among the larger banks in its footprint. But even during a time of financial growth, President Paul Scully is equally committed to growing the bank’s community ties, through an ever-evolving series of initiatives that engage employees, customers, and area residents alike. After all, a bank’s success, he believes, shouldn’t be reflected simply on the bottom line.

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    1. Staff members spent the day building the playhouse in the parking lot.
    2. They have a stake in where the money goes.
    3. We've had a very robust year in commercial loan originations, really centered in our existing footprint but also throughout New England.
    4. They said years ago that ATMs are going to replace branches.
    5. I had a great experience with them.
    6. That next step is really geared toward those graduating from college.
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