1. Diverse Growth Enhances Easthampton’s Vitality - BusinessWest

    Diverse Growth Enhances Easthampton’s Vitality - BusinessWest

    It’s a park like no other.  To begin with, it’s inside an old mill building and filled with a seemingly endless array of large, leafy edible plants that are used to prepare foods in the open restaurant that sits in the park’s center. The plants are grown hydroponically, or without soil, and are nourished with lights and a special mineral solution.  There are spaces inside the park’s 14,000 square feet to suit every mood: private and communal seating areas, a mushroom house designed to be an enclosed area for meetings and other gatherings, an amphitheater ...

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    1. I thought it would be a great place for mixed-use development.
    2. It's something they had not planned to do for 10 years, but they were inspired by the project and the fact that the mill owners invested money to do renovations at the same time.
    3. It's incredible to get grants for three years from the state, but it's because of our success story.
    4. We were really excited that Off the Map found the space they needed because we didn't want to lose the business.
    5. The Button Building was purchased several years ago by Five Star Building Corp., has been completely renovated, and is almost filled to capacity.
    6. We're very lucky to be able to maintain our economic diversity.
    7. It has worked out very well; businesses are attracted to a thriving community, and that's what we are.
    8. I wanted to find out if we are over-regulated, under-regulated, and if we are really competitive.
    9. That area is thriving and filled with artists, restaurants, and businesses. We've been working on the downtown area for many years and it's an amazing build out.
    10. It's all a continuum of how we have been rebuilding the community; there is so much going on here that it is difficult to focus on any one thing.
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