1. MassMutual Foundation announces FutureSmart program

    MassMutual Foundation announces FutureSmart program

    The MassMutual Foundation, Inc. today announced its new digital financial education curriculum—part of its successful FutureSmart program—developed specifically for middle school students. Now available at no cost to schools across the United States, the state-of-the-art course was unveiled at a special event with middle schoolers in Mattapan, according to a news release. The program is available online at www.massmutual.com/about-us/corporate-responsibility/futuresmart Importantly, the new web-based curriculum is offered in English and Spanish to extend the potential reach of the successful FutureSmart program to youth in sixth through eighth grade, with the overall goal of impacting ...

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    1. Consistent with our focus on guiding people on their journey in life and assisting them in finding the best financial path at every age, the FutureSmart program has been addressing a pressing and growing need as it empowers students to become stewards of their financial futures.
    2. The future is exciting and, at the same time, the uncertainty of what's ahead can be overwhelming.
    3. Our teachers work around the clock to help our students become well-rounded learners.
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