1. Westfield Bank Future Fund awards $300K

    Westfield Bank Future Fund awards $300K

    Westfield Bank is pleased to announce that The Future Fund, the Bank's corporate philanthropy program, has awarded more than $300,000 in grants for 2016, all to local organizations and initiatives that positively impact communities in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. Among this year's 51 Future Fund grants were funds distributed to support Boys & Girls Clubs, scouting organizations, Make a Wish, and YMCAs across the region; to aid the Ronald McDonald House of Springfield in providing a home away from home for families for critically ill children; and to help the Willie Ross School for the Deaf hire ...

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    1. Whether The Future Fund is making it easier for a school to upgrade classroom technology, a town to buy new radios, or for people to enjoy programs in Stanley Park, it's all about making life better for those who live and work here.
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