1. STCC Project Is Historic on Many Levels

    STCC Project Is Historic on Many Levels

    As Springfield Technical Community College commences a year-long 50th-anniversary celebration, a landmark historic restoration project is taking shape — with the accent on ‘landmark.’ So-called Building 19, a 700-foot-long warehouse that predates the Civil War, is being converted into a campus center, a project that will enable the past and present to co-exist in a powerful fashion.

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    1. They were digging out the floors to put in these storage tanks when they came across some skeletons.
    2. Ann Beha started her career doing historic-preservation work, so it's always been a big focus for us.
    3. The roof gets brought up to current code, the second floor gets brought up to code, a lot of the existing joists get reinforced with structural steel.
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