1. Region’s Competitive Commercial-loan Market Poses Plenty of Opportunity

    Region’s Competitive Commercial-loan Market Poses Plenty of Opportunity

    Banks and credit unions know all too well that the health of a commercial-loan portfolio is often dependent on the economic climate. Several years of improvement on that front has bolstered the portfolios of many regional lenders, some dramatically. But the added opportunity has brought little relief from fierce competition in the sector, both for loan business and the talent to procure it.

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    1. Building long-term relationships brings value on both sides of the table.
    2. My back ground is in commercial lending, and it's always been competitive.
    3. That's still really small in a balance sheet of a half-billion.
    4. We have a small-business team, a middle-market team, and a commercial real-estate team.
    5. It's a very important part of our balance sheet and, increasingly, on most community banks' balance sheets.
    6. The real growth has been over the last couple of years.
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