1. Public Health Council approves merger of Baystate Mary Lane, Wing hospitals

    Public Health Council approves merger of Baystate Mary Lane, Wing hospitals

    The Massachusetts Public Health Council on Thursday approved a merger between Baystate Mary Lane Hospital and Baystate Wing Hospital, despite opposition from area residents. Baystate Health, the parent company of both hospitals, has proposed ending inpatient care at Mary Lane in Ware. Instead, patients would need to go to Wing in Palmer. The hospitals are about 10 miles apart, or an approximately 20 minute drive.

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    1. The process of a hospital closing in a community is challenging for community members.
    2. What this is going to allow us to do is to use whatever moneys we were using keeping this small inpatient unit alive to grow outpatient programs for both the Ware and the Palmer campuses.
    3. You need services where the population is located.
    4. You walk or beg because you can't get around.
    5. This hospital is an institution that shines.
    6. We are very concerned that the health care needs of these underserved regions will be further complicated, and the most vulnerable in our communities will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage in being able to access the most basic health care needs.
    7. It sounds like you have a serious contradiction with your community.
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