1. VVM Manufacturing Accelerator

    VVM Manufacturing Accelerator

    Who is involved?

    Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), a nonprofit recognized by the Governor’s office as one of the strongest entrepreneurship programs in the Commonwealth, in partnership with MassDevelopment, the Western Massachusetts chapter of the National Tooling & Machining Association, and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, is launching the nation’s first manufacturing accelerator.  

    To find out about sponsoring or partnering with VVM, contact us

    What the heck is a manufacturing accelerator anyway?

    The VVM Manufacturing Accelerator brings SME manufacturers and buyers together to discover new ways they can do business.  Through the accelerator's intensive training program, SME manufacturers will quickly learn the needs of their buyers, how to rapidly validate their ability to deliver on those needs, and how to effectively communicate their capabilities.  Buyers and SME manufacturers will interact at key points during the training to keep everyone on the same page and to grow relationships.  

    Thanks to funding provided by MassDevelopment there is no fee to participate.  However, space is limited.

    Am I eligible to participate?

    SME Manufacturers need to be:

    • Based in one of the four counties of Western Massachusetts (Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, or Berkshire).
    • Committed to invest significant time to develop new customers and market opportunities.
    • Willing to travel to Springfield, MA for programming.

    Buyers are OEMs or their suppliers that:

    • Are actively seeking to diversify their supply chain with new SME manufacturers.
    • Can be located anywhere in the world but are willing to send decision-makers to attend the Manufacturing Accelerator's events in Springfield, MA. 

    When & Where (Subject to change, check website for up-to-date info)

    1. 8/15 We are taking applications on a rolling admissions basis.  We strongly recommend you apply now (takes < 5 minutes) before the program fills up.  You must apply to be considered for this program.  If you have questions, please contact VVM's Program Director: Paul Silva (413-667-9886 |paul@valleyventurementors.org).
    2. By 9/19 at 11:59 pm - VVM will notify applicants as to which buyers and SME manufacturers are invited to Auditions.
    3. Auditions take place during the last week in September (exact dates & times will be based on availability of applicants).  There, buyers and SME manufacturers will each have opportunities to share what they need and/or can offer.  Auditions help buyers, SME manufacturers, and VVM get a trial run at working together.  Only those companies that can most benefit from VVM's training style will be accepted into the accelerator.
    4. By 10/3 @ 11:59 pm - VVM will announce which companies have spots in the Manufacturing Accelerator.
    5. In October and November (exact dates & times will be based on availability of participants) - SME manufacturers will participate in intensive training.  Buyers will participate for about 10 hours at key points throughout the training.
    6. In early December - the accelerator concludes with final presentations from the SME manufacturers to buyers, followed by a celebratory event where the entire local manufacturing community, their supporters, and political representatives will be invited to recognize the accelerator's participants' progress.


    Why is VVM doing this? 

    Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed.  We began with startups and are proud to be one of the largest startup accelerators in the country.  The leaders of our region's advanced manufacturing firms are every bit as much entrepreneurs as the leaders of our startups.  We are thrilled, and honored, at the opportunity to work with you.    

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