1. Jiminy Peak, PeoplesBank, W.D. Cowls Win AIM Sustainability Award

    Jiminy Peak, PeoplesBank, W.D. Cowls Win AIM Sustainability Award

    Six Massachusetts companies, ranging from a ski resort in the Berkshires to the largest grocery chain in New England, have been named winners of the inaugural Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) Sustainability Award. The award recognizes excellence in environmental stewardship, promotion of social well-being, and contributions to economic prosperity. AIM announced that Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort of Hancock, PeoplesBank of Holyoke, W.D. Cowls Inc. of North Amherst, Cavicchio Greenhouses Inc. of Sudbury, Gorton’s Seafood of Gloucester, and the Stop & Shop New England Division of Ahold USA were selected from among 33 nominations. The six companies will be honored ...

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    1. These companies set the standard for sustainably managing their financial, social and environmental resources in a manner that ensures responsible, long-term success.
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