1. West Side Balances Private, Public Projects

    West Side Balances Private, Public Projects

    Mayor William Reichelt says West Springfield is a small town that in many ways assumes the character of a city, due in part to the popular retail establishments — stores and restaurants — that line its two main commercial corridors, Riverdale Street and Memorial Avenue.  But that economic development has been balanced by efforts initiated by the new mayor: Reichelt, a member of BusinessWest’s 40 Under Forty Class of 2016, took office in January and has already streamlined the permitting process and formed new committees and task forces to ensure that the zoning is appropriate, traffic flow does not affect residential ...

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    1. Memorial Avenue is expected to become a pinnacle of the Complete Streets plan.
    2. Memorial Avenue is the first view people have of West Springfield when they cross the Memorial Bridge, and we want to make it more attractive.
    3. The new dealerships will bring more business to Memorial Avenue, and we hope it will help it to become the new Riverdale Street. Everyone wants to move their business there (Riverdale Street) because it gets so much traffic, but space along that corridor is expensive.
    4. The church property was contaminated when we purchased it. The diocese was responsible for cleaning it up, and it has been a process to get it ready for a new building.
    5. It's nice to see the church property being reused for a commercial purpose.
    6. The town has never undertaken a comprehensive review of its zoning, and we want to make traffic flow and the use of property in our commercial areas harmonious with the rest of the town.
    7. There are five properties near the river, including a large car dealership, that have septic systems right now.
    8. They're making a $10 million investment in West Springfield.
    9. If you leave the business corridors, you find neighborhoods and two schools in the Merrick section of town.
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