1. Aer Lingus Flights Seen as Boost for Airline, Bradley, Region

    Aer Lingus Flights Seen as Boost for Airline, Bradley, Region

    As they talked about the Aer Lingus flights set to begin at Bradley International Airport late next month, Kevin Dillon and Keith Butler used strikingly similar language as they discussed what the service means to their respective organizations. Indeed, Dillon, executive director and CEO of the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA), which manages Bradley, and Butler, chief commercial officer for the Dublin, Ireland-based airline, said the timing for this venture is ideal, that the flight represents a key component of their respective growth strategies, and that it could be a catalyst for more developments of this type.

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    1. The success of this flight relies heavily on business travel.
    2. You can essentially do a day's work in Connecticut, hop on a plane, and immediately the following day do a full day's work in London — if that's what you wanted to do.
    3. We've nearly doubled our trans-Atlantic capacity over the past five years.
    4. Passengers from Hartford will be able to connect to at least 24 European cities.
    5. So far, it's proving to be a very popular service.
    6. There are a lot of airports that are very hungry for European connections — the competition is actually quite fierce.
    7. Bradley fits, and Hartford fits, into a broader plan we have for expansion.
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