1. Center for EcoTechnology Marks 40 Years of Green Innovation

    Center for EcoTechnology Marks 40 Years of Green Innovation

    From its inception in 1976, the Center for EcoTechnology has always responded to the needs of businesses when it comes to being more energy-efficient and reducing waste. But in many ways, the nonprofit has also been an innovator, introducing green-business concepts years before they would be considered mainstream. At a time when energy supply and climate change remain serious concerns, CET’s leaders believe the pace of change in this field will be even more intense over the next 40 years — and they’re helping to raise the next generation to meet those challenges.

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    1. We were a reaction to the oil crisis of the '70s.
    2. We started in the time of the oil embargo, and dependence on foreign oil was a major concern.
    3. We were right on the cusp of that happening across the country.
    4. We were looking to help people and businesses reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and right from the start we were providing this information in a technical-assistance role and through one-on-one workshops and information sessions.
    5. If you look at what's happened over the past 40 years, the pace of change has really accelerated; the whole environmental space has blown up.
    6. With the garbage barge, waste management and recycling became a huge issue.
    7. We've done some award-winning work in Massachusetts in places like Big Y, Whole Foods, and Stop & Shop, as well as lots and lots of restaurants and food manufacturers.
    8. For businesses, we're really adept at understanding their needs and adapting opportunities for them, and then being a neutral solutions finder for them, whether we're talking about recycling, composting, or energy-efficiency work.
    9. We've been working with Big Y for over 20 years, way before it was cool.
    10. Green business is now half of what we do. There's so much potential in the commercial space.
    11. There's a lot of opportunity — lots of stuff being thrown away, a lot of people on a budget who want to fix their homes affordably.
    12. A number of years ago, we decided to focus on measurable impact, to see if we're doing a good job or not, and also to get people excited about working with us.
    13. We see it as a way to develop tomorrow's leaders. This generation is actually going to be responsible for how we deal with climate change.
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