1. Commercial Construction Work Steady, but Highly Competitive

    Commercial Construction Work Steady, but Highly Competitive

    The building industry has travelled a tough road in its efforts to recover from the Great Recession, with mostly modest improvements in business volume amid ever-mounting competition for available work. But in recent months, the skies have become brighter, and most builders are expressing real optimism that the better times are real and have some staying power.

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    1. The bids have been very close on the last half-dozen jobs we won; we were within a few percentage points of our competitors.
    2. We truly enjoy them, whether they involve creating an observatory or a new restaurant. We're good at complex undertakings; they keep us on our toes.
    3. There are a lot of really qualified large and small companies bidding on projects, and we're definitely seeing more companies with a national reach coming into the area.
    4. The project is in the final design stages, and we expect to break ground in September.
    5. We partnered with Tishman Construction, and it's great to be included in the project.
    6. We're very diverse, and also have a site division that does a lot of earthwork, which is a fast-growing part of our business.
    7. Earlier this year, we did a large historical renovation in downtown Turner's Falls, and right now we're doing a renovation in Gardner for a service company.
    8. But it's always difficult to tell how much is due to the economy versus the typical busy summer, so we're always looking ahead.
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