1. Valley Venture Mentors event aimed at funding startups flops, but leads to opportunity

    Valley Venture Mentors event aimed at funding startups flops, but leads to opportunity

    Paul Silva's latest innovation did not go quite as planned. Silva, the energetic, quick-talking investor whose Valley Venture Mentors program helps local startups become polished businesses, gathered a group of small businesses and investors in VVM's Tower Square headquarters last week. Their mission was ambitious and unconventional: To help level the business playing field by having investors make same-day, small-dollar investments to local companies. It was an unusual strategy designed to help cash-strapped business founders, many of whom have day jobs and for whom the long process of soliciting six-figure seed funding can be a major financial burden.

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    1. Yes, it's disappointing. Absolutely.
    2. Almost every single company had two, four, eight investors who said I want to go on a follow up date with them.
    3. Our hope here is to create a new way to fix a big funding gap. If you win the genetic lottery, you've got friends and family who can fund you at the tens of thousands of dollars level at the idea stage.
    4. For them to realize there are these great opportunities here in our back yard where investors in Boston don't even know about it, they're going to scoop up these opportunities.
    5. These companies are generally earlier stage than we would normally look at, but of course we're looking down the road.
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