1. Developments Spur Growth in Northampton

    Developments Spur Growth in Northampton

    Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz says the scope of new construction and renovation projects that were recently completed, are underway, or are in the planning stages total $36 million, and attest to the city’s strong financial position and vibrant downtown.  “We’ve seen high levels of residential and commercial construction over the past few years, and Standard & Poor’s recently upgraded our bond rating to AAA,” he said, adding that only 65 out of 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth have attained that status.

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    1. After I was contacted by Click and asked to help them grow, I made it my mission to find a space within walking distance of the restaurants and shops that could also offer cultural events and professional development.
    2. The neighborhood is thriving, and a new Edward Jones office and juice bar also opened on the street.
    3. Christopher Heights increases people's options because they can enter at the market-rate price and transition to the affordable rate as they deplete their resources.
    4. This is really, really important in terms of sustaining this part of our economy.
    5. We took a proactive role in the DNA's creation and are supporting it because we view it as an important investment in the future health and growth of downtown and the entire city. It represents a new chapter.
    6. They're planning a $1 million, 13,000-square-foot addition that will include a 3,000-square-foot metal shop.
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