1. MGM, Surging Downtown Boost Prospects for Meetings, Conventions

    MGM, Surging Downtown Boost Prospects for Meetings, Conventions

    As news circulates concerning construction of MGM’s $950 million casino in Springfield’s South End, the region is finding itself a player in many more of the spirited competitions taking place to host meetings and conventions. That’s no coincidence, said area tourism officials, as well as those who plan such events. Because of the casino and other visible forms of progress, they note, the city is now in a different, higher bracket for such gatherings.

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    1. The casino was definitely a factor in this decision — in fact, if it wasn't for the casino, Springfield would not have been a consideration.
    2. We looked at this as an opportunity to get there before everyone discovers Springfield and the prices go up.
    3. It would be like going to basketball camp and getting tips on your jump shot from Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.
    4. We like to work the event into a location that's convenient for people who want to attend the conference from a particular volunteer's location.
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