1. Series of Key Partnerships Will Help Develop a Rail-car Workforce

    Series of Key Partnerships Will Help Develop a Rail-car Workforce

    When a company from across the globe sets up shop in Springfield, it can’t exactly bring its workforce with it.  “We need 100% new employees,” said Bobby Doyle, senior consultant for CRRC MA USA, the Chinese rail-car manufacturer currently building a $95 million production plant at the former Westinghouse site on Page Boulevard. “We can’t transfer people from China here; it wouldn’t work.”  Among the reasons CRRC — formerly CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles — chose Springfield, however, was optimism that the city and region could supply a workforce to support what will become the company’s North American headquarters ...

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    1. Putnam has some of the latest technology and equipment in the area, and I felt it was really critical to build that relationship between Local 63, Local 7, and Putnam.
    2. As this facility comes online, the majority of initial-wave workers will be individuals who have experience in sheet-metal and electrical work.
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