1. Greenfield Strives to Reinvent Its Downtown

    Greenfield Strives to Reinvent Its Downtown

    Mayor William Martin says projects that were started years ago are coming to fruition in Greenfield, and new ones are underway that will help the town continue down its path to independence, as well as addressing areas that need revitalization. The Town Council just approved a $5 million bond to create a municipal Internet, phone, and data-services company called Greenfield Community Energy and Technology (GCET) that will be paid for by the company after it is established. Free Internet service is being provided on Main and High streets until the project is completed, thanks to a $500,000 pilot program ...

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    1. We've been given the green light to move forward with this project.
    2. The company went online Jan. 1 last year, and now all of our electricity is 100% green.
    3. So we've applied a special focus to advancing our downtown in these specific areas.
    4. We're looking to continuously strengthen our unique approach to reframing Main Street, and our next step will be to make it an attractive destination for young people with curious minds.
    5. We believe that municipal investment will act as a catalyst for private investment and set the town up to repair and replace institutional buildings and needed infrastructure.
    6. But we're looking forward to the revival of foot traffic, which will help downtown businesses, although things won't really settle down until construction on a new multi-storied garage is complete.
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