1. Square One Advocates for Access, Opportunities in Early Education

    Square One Advocates for Access, Opportunities in Early Education

    For more than 130 years, Square One has met the challenge of providing quality early-childhood education, thus serving not only young people, but also their families and the community. Today, as the importance of such education becomes ever more apparent, the challenges to providing it continue to mount. Square One is trying to meet those challenges through vital connections to a host of constituencies.

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    1. The key to the survival of Square One is our adaptability and responsiveness to the needs of the community.
    2. We realized there is a large pool of children entering kindergarten who have had no access to formal child care or preschool, so those children were entering kindergarten completely unprepared for it.
    3. When you look at our families and the challenges they face, it can consume you.
    4. Events let us get in front of people and provide them with that personal connection to the people we serve.
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