1. Are you interested in Entrepreneurship?

    Are you interested in Entrepreneurship?

    At 7 pm, Wednesday, May 25, Mount Holyoke College will host a workshop for community residents and members of the Mount Holyoke community interested in exploring what is involved in starting your own business.

    Leaders of the workshop will include Farid Kheloco, executive director of the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce's innovative SPARK entrepreneurship program, and Dr. Tamara Stenn, entrepreneurship coordinator and visiting lecturer in economics at Mount Holyoke.  The workshop will discuss resources in the area devoted to assisting entrepreneurs, and tactics, strategies, and approaches helpful to those thinking of launching their own business.  South Hadley Town Administrator Michael Sullivan will help to open the event.

    The free workshop will run from 7 to 8:30 pm in Gamble Auditorium in the Mount Holyoke Art Museum, and is open and accessible to all.

    Pre-registration is preferred by Friday May 20, through this webform:


    Sponsors of the event are the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce SPARK program, the South Hadley Redevelopment Authority, the South Hadley and Granby Chamber of Commerce, Mount Holyoke College’s Professional and Graduate Education Program, and the Mount Holyoke College Office of the President.

    Please address questions re the session to anichols@mtholyoke.edu


    Kevin McCaffrey
    Director of Government and Community Relations
    Office of the President
    Mount Holyoke College

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