1. Collaboration, Shared Goals Spur Redevelopment in Springfield

    Collaboration, Shared Goals Spur Redevelopment in Springfield

    Springfield is undergoing a $2.7 billion transformation, and although that number — and the current spate of progress — is dominated by MGM’s $900 million casino, a plethora of other exciting projects are underway. Chief Development Officer Kevin Kennedy said the city initiated a team effort four years ago with city officials and groups that include DevelopSpringfield, the Springfield Regional Chamber, the Business Improvement District (BID), and the Parking Authority, who convene on a regular basis to collaborate on projects and areas of focus that are proposed or underway. Each group does its part, and an annual city report is ...

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    1. We've developed a collective strategy and vision, and have had a great deal of good fortune.
    2. We're starting to see the rebirth of the downtown with the Innovation District, the new market-rate housing, and Union Station opening in the fall.
    3. We're seeking to meet multiple goals, which include stimulating revitalization and economic development by saving buildings that show decay, decline, and disinvestment.
    4. We're hoping not only to create an exciting center for entrepreneurship and innovation, but a place where jobs are created.
    5. Sometimes we are the developer, sometimes we take a lead role in planning issues, and other times we provide support to the city and other nonprofits by serving as part of a project team or by writing grants to secure funding that can lead to revitalization.
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