1. MGM Springfield Employs Local Businesses to Help Build Casino

    MGM Springfield Employs Local Businesses to Help Build Casino

    Brian Packer, MGM’s vice president of construction, told BusinessWest that one building and the rear portion of the State Armory still need to be knocked down. In addition, the rear of two structures, 73 State St. and the Union Chandler Hotel, whose historic front facades will be preserved, also still need to be demolished once the facades are secured and braced. “We are encouraged by the tremendous progress MGM Springfield has made over the last several months. As we begin the next phase of construction, our outreach efforts will focus on electrical, mechanical, and drywall,” he said. “We anticipate ...

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    1. The project has definitely been beneficial to us.
    2. It's been a wonderful foundation project for the entire calendar year.
    3. This is great for local companies, and we are excited to work with MGM and be part of history in Springfield.
    4. We are on track for the September 2018 opening and are excited to share in the economic growth.
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