1. Dr. Ira Rubenzahl Learning Laboratory

    Dr. Ira Rubenzahl Learning Laboratory

    Dr. Ira Rubenzahl Learning Laboratory

    President, Springfield Technical Community College

    2004 - 2016

    This Precision Manufacturing Learning Laboratory is dedicated to Dr. Ira Rubenzahl, President of Springfield Technical Community College, whose tireless efforts and leadership addressing the needs of the regional workforce led to the creation of this state of the art Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Laboratory.

    In partnership with private industry and precision manufacturing experts, Dr. Rubenzahl's vision for a highly skilled and trained workforce is fostered in the classroom and has enhanced the growth of STCC as a regional leader in precision manufacturing education.

    The Board of Directors of the STCC Assistance Corporation at the Technology Park, of which Dr. Rubenzahl was a member for twelve years, hereby gratefully acknowledge his contributions, leadership, and vision for the regional workforce and for the Springfield Technology Park's role as an economic engine.

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

    Dedicated in honor of Dr. Ira Rubenzahl, April 2016

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