1. Springfield Regional Chamber’s Leadership 2016 to Graduate 22

    Springfield Regional Chamber’s Leadership 2016 to Graduate 22

    Twenty-two business professionals will graduate from the Springfield Regional Chamber’s Leadership 2016 in a ceremony on Thursday, April 14 from 6-9 p.m. at the Springfield Sheraton. Sponsored by the MassMutual Financial Group with scholarship support from the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation, the program is a collaboration between the Springfield Regional Chamber and Western New England University to teach middle- and upper-level managers the crucial thinking and problem-solving skills needed to prepare participants to be effective leaders in service to the community and their workplaces. This year’s program, “Leadership Skills: For Personal, Organizational, and Community ...

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    1. Notwithstanding the learning component, the Leadership program is unique in that it brings together people from different business backgrounds, providing an opportunity to view the various learning topics from different points of view, giving participants a greater appreciation of the lessons.
    2. The Leadership Institute offers a wonderful refresher on various leadership frameworks such as planning and problem solving. It helps you to stretch your mind to explore ways you can use your influence to help others. If you get the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Institute, I highly recommend it.
    3. TD Bank's focus on continued development of our rising talent goes hand in hand with the goals of the Leadership program.
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