1. Elms College Launches Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Elms College Launches Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Elms College announced the launch of its new Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) to expand business-education offerings at the college through a hands-on, real-world approach. “In this time of a rapidly emerging entrepreneurial society, we need to create a flexible structure to accommodate not only degree work but also certificate programs, workshops, consulting services, and other assistance needed to make sure that entrepreneurs are equipped not only to start a business but, more importantly, to sustain it over time,” said Elms College President Sr. Mary Reap. The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership was developed with that goal in mind. Reap and ...

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    1. We have an opportunity to provide hands-on learning experience.
    2. We also plan to integrate it into an entrepreneurship track in our MBA.
    3. Elms College also has a mission to give back to the community.
    4. I see great opportunity in collaborating with the Elms Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in the development of an interdisciplinary healthcare leadership program for master's-prepared and certified nurse practitioners, as well as master's-prepared clinical nurse leaders who seek the doctor of nursing practice.
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