1. Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club Expands Its Offerings

    Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club Expands Its Offerings

    pringfield has a storied rowing history, and in 2012 PVRC took up residence in a century-old building that formerly housed Bassett Boat’s showroom. It sits on the edge of North Riverfront Park, which recently received a $1.3 million makeover, and is backed by the 3.7-mile Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway.  Quick said the club is delighted with the new pergola, pavilion, picnic tables, nautical flagpole, and sitting walls at the park, and works closely with the city to maintain it.

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    1. Most people don't know anything about rowing. They think the only way to get on the water is to rent a kayak. But our rowing program provides recreational and competitive opportunities.
    2. This will be the most momentous rowing event in Springfield in a century; it will be the culmination of our work this year and put Springfield on the map.
    3. We're the gateway to the Connecticut River in Springfield, and this will be dream exposure.
    4. It's a tough act to follow, but we are the people's solution to getting on the water in Springfield.
    5. We want to bring sporting events to the region that have an economic impact on our local economy.
    6. Everyone who is exposed to what we do wants to help.
    7. These programs will allow adults to get some exercise, see the city from a new perspective, and have a story to tell, which is part of the century-old rowing legacy.
    8. Rowing is not a high-school sport, and our program gives kids from Springfield public schools an opportunity to see the city from the river.
    9. They work shoulder to shoulder with them during volunteer activities, which is an experience these teens couldn't get anywhere else.
    10. The festival is the perfect event for businesses and organizations looking for a new team-building opportunity.
    11. I like the discipline and commitment this requires.
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