1. Young Professional Groups Continue to Hone Missions, Programming

    Young Professional Groups Continue to Hone Missions, Programming

    The region’s growing number of young professional groups were all created to fill a void in the region, a recognized need for an organization devoted to people of generally the same age and facing mostly similar challenges, professionally and personally. This void-filling role has included a good deal of evolution and expansion that goes well beyond networking, and into the realms of education, professional development, philanthropy, and stemming that problem known as the brain drain.

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    1. One of the things we've identified from a strategic perspective is the need to identify and develop stronger partnerships.
    2. These are little things that strike a chord with members.
    3. We want our members to feel that they should be at the table with everyone else, and not think that, because they're young, they shouldn't have a voice.
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