1. Colleges, universities add to 'eclectic' mix in downtown Springfield

    Colleges, universities add to 'eclectic' mix in downtown Springfield

    The University of Massachusetts, Bay Path University, Cambridge College and Springfield College. All are leading the way to bring higher education to downtown Springfield, adding to the "eclectic" mix that Mayor Domenic J. Sarno wants to develop in the heart of his city. "We're excited to have them downtown," Sarno says. "We are looking to bring more of an eclectic mix to downtown."

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    1. We're excited to have them downtown.
    2. Colleges and universities are a vital part of the Western Massachusetts economy, and by moving into the downtown they are growing their presence and making themselves more accessible to a larger population of students.
    3. Each of the programs offers something different with the idea of creating programming across all institutions that will contribute to the diverse needs of the community around us.
    4. We are also within walking distance of local businesses, large and small. Our students are living, working and taking classes in an ecosystem in and around greater Springfield.
    5. We're starting here, starting small, but we're thinking big.
    6. There is an important relationship between higher education and entrepreneurship-innovation.
    7. We have the ability, agility and the capacity to customize curriculum to be responsive to individual business and industry needs.
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