1. HCC, STCC Create a Culture of Cooperation, Collaboration

    HCC, STCC Create a Culture of Cooperation, Collaboration

    Located just seven miles apart as the crow flies, Holyoke Community College and Springfield Technical Community College have always competed, and in vigorous fashion, for everything from students to press coverage to state funding for capital projects. But when they arrived at their respective campuses in 2004, Presidents Bill Messner and Ira Rubenzahl found the relationship between the schools to be a case not of healthy competition, but unhealthy animosity. So they set about changing that equation. And as both men prepare to retire, they talked about what would have to be considered a stunning new attitude that prevails at ...

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    1. Let's just say that the institutions had not been working well together.
    2. There are areas in which we're much better off collaborating than we are competing.
    3. It will probably change in some ways to reflect the personalities of the two folks who are going to be following us.
    4. Before we came, they would never have dared to do that.
    5. We have this trust … we have this agreement — we don't do things separately.
    6. He wants two programs connected to college work.
    7. We don't want to look like a two-headed monster.
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