1. Jet-travel-related Businesses Are Hitting New Heights

    Jet-travel-related Businesses Are Hitting New Heights

    Kevin Bradley calls them “time machines.”  He was referring to the private jets Rectrix has available for hire that are used by businesspeople to transport them to and from meetings in distant states.  Clients can drive their cars directly up to these well-outfitted aircraft that are stationed in general-aviation airports and board immediately, which saves the time it would take to park, check in, go through security, and suffer the delays that can occur at a commercial airport. Once passengers are airborne, they have access to technology, privacy, and comfort that allow them to continue their business dealings alone or ...

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    1. If someone from Dallas needs to attend a meeting in Greenfield, they can charter a flight to Westfield Barnes Airport, find a rental car waiting for them on the ramp, and return home the same day.
    2. People don't realize how much general aviation occurs in Westfield.
    3. Flying gets into your blood, and we have customers who don't need their planes for business, but just enjoy going up in the air. We also service sport planes, aircraft used by businesses, and planes people have built themselves.
    4. The new hangar doubled the capacity of planes we can store there.
    5. As the fleet continues to grow, more investments are made in infrastructure.
    6. Our companies complemented one another, and it filled a void in Rectrix.
    7. We can work on almost any corporate jet, and we complement Gulfstream.
    8. Not only do the companies there infuse the economy with money and good-paying jobs, they attract new customers. We view them as one unit because they offer a full complement of services.
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