1. Downtown Investments Spark Growth in Chicopee

    Downtown Investments Spark Growth in Chicopee

    Mayor Richard Kos says Chicopee is well-poised for growth, thanks to what he called a multi-faceted approach to economic development. “We’re trying to address the city as a whole to make sure we strengthen any areas where there are weaknesses,” he told BusinessWest a few days after being sworn into office for the second consecutive term and sixth term overall. “Although any urban environment has challenges, Chicopee has a great track record of addressing infrastructure needs in conjunction with development opportunities, and we continue to build on this in one of the strongest financial communities in the state.”

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    1. We're looking to see what the private sector wants to do with the property.
    2. It's a very competitive process, and they are difficult to obtain; there were 110 grant applicants, and only 37 were awarded.
    3. We anticipate interest in building senior living there.
    4. We received a $7,500 grant from MassDevelopment and had help from local businesses.
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