1. Developers Ramp Up Plans at Historic Court Square Building

    Developers Ramp Up Plans at Historic Court Square Building

    Long touted as the potential site of a boutique hotel, the historic building at 13-31 Elm St., bordering Springfield’s Court Square, is now the focus of a different vision, due to MGM Springfield’s own hotel plans. Peter Picknelly’s OPAL Real Estate Group now sees the property as a mixed-use center for retail, office space, and market-rate housing, and is working with the city to make the $40 million project a reality — and yet another key element to Springfield’s downtown revival.

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    1. For the past four years, OPAL has done due diligence in terms of structural analysis and historical analysis of both buildings, and also a hazardous review based on age, asbestos, lead paint — all those issues have already been addressed professionally.
    2. We think they have some great ideas.
    3. They've been talking to MGM to contribute to the project.
    4. In some ways, I compare [Elm Street] to Union Station in terms of the difficulty of rehabbing an old, historical building.
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